GRM Community

The GRM Community is the interaction between teachers, students and graduates.

When you become a student in the Global Revival MAP Bible School, you are not only becoming a student of a Bible School, but entering the wider global community of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries and Global Revival MAP teachers, students, graduates and friends. This is a vital community of individuals and fellowships throughout the world who are united by the vision of the MAP Revolution Message as taught by Bishop Dominiquae Bierman. As a member of this community, you are given the opportunity to network with others across the nations in prayer, ministry and missions as you put the message of the MAP revolution into practice in obedience to the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).  

 Fellowship of Graduates

B with people on floorAs a graduate of GRM Bible School, you automatically become part of the GRM Bible School as a Fellowship of Graduates.

Those in the Fellowship of Graduates are invited to participate in missions and establish new works for the Gospel made in Zion as the Spirit will lead them. Examples of what graduates go on to do include establishing MAP Centers, home congregations, prayer groups, apostolic missions work and interaction between graduates. Graduates are also strongly encouraged to visit Israel through participating in one of our prophetic prayer tours, or by coming and volunteering their time to serve Yahveh with Kad-Esh MAP Ministries at the Eilat Prayer Tower. There are also opportunities for graduates to serve Kad-Esh MAP Ministries in various capacities from wherever you are.

In the future, we plan to have special conferences for graduates, occasional publications and opportunities for further study.


In the End of Times, Yahveh is gathering His LEADERS and connecting them again with B and R [reaching latin americaJerusalem, Israel and the original Hebrew Foundations of Faith. He is restoring the Fear of Yahveh and the love of Israel as the KEY for the restoration of His Glory to His Ecclesia. Those that will enter into this REVOLUTION with their Business, Ministries and Congregations will be used mightily in the End Time Harvest. MAPAL is the Messianic-Apostolic-Prophetic Association of Leaders and gives our ordained ministers and graduates the opportunity to stay connected with us and Kad-Esh MAP in Israel in various capacities. MAPAL members are leaders of their own businesses or/and ministries and ASSOCIATE in COVENANT PARTNERSHIP with Kad-Esh MAP Ministries through MAPAL. All our ordained ministers are automatically members of MAPAL and all our graduates have the option (not obligation) to join. As a MAPAL member, you are also be given some ministry opportunities to implement in your own nation or wherever you are sent.

Join with us to see the GLORY of YAH released on the earth!

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