group student


Group Study Member 


Register and pay here to study GRM under your local GRM leader. This price includes a GRM book pack. You may choose to have EITHER hard copies of the books or ebook access. 


If you are a Bishop, Pastor, or leader of your own ministry, prayer group, or congregation you can set up the GRM Bible School in your own ministry building. All you need is to be registered as a Ship to My Home option student so you have hard copies of the School!  


Price: $200 USD 

Register and Pay


1. The Pastor or Bishop in charge must register to GRM Bible School as a Ship to My Home Option student, order the material and pay for it.   

2. It is enough that ONE leader in each ministry registers fully and pays fully. 

3. Every additional member of his/her ministry can register for $200 a year which will include the book pack of mandatory reading as hard copies or ebooks.  

4. The Leader will set up Bible School twice a week in the congregation/ministry building or prayer house where DVD’s may be watched from the central TV screen.  

5. Your ministry will be granted special permission to duplicate the workbook for each of your students. 

6. DVD’s may NOT be duplicated but they can be viewed by all the students in the class through a central screen and DVD player.  

7. The Leader can set an additional modest monthly fee from the students to cover costs and duplicating workbooks. We suggest an additional 10 USD.   

8. The Leader will send his/her quizzes and papers to be reviewed by GRM staff.   

9. The Leader will grade the quizzes and papers of his/her students only after his/her work has been graded by GRM.  

10. All students under a Bishop/Pastor or Ministry leader will receive a Graduation Certificate from GRM Bible School in Israel that will state that they completed the three levels of study successfully.