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rose in handPreaching the Hebrew Roots "is a matter of life and deathThe Church is like a beautiful rose that has been cut off from the garden and from its roots. It has survived for 2 days inside of a vase of water. But on the third day it will die unless it’s replanted back and reconnected back to its roots" - excerpt from The Healing Power of the Roots by Bishop Dominiquae Bierman.

If your eyes have been opened to the truth of this revelation as given to Bishop Dominiquae Bierman then you will know that supporting the MAP Revolution Message and GRM Bible School is not an option  it is a necessity.

Bishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman have spearheaded this movement Back to the Roots since 1995. But it is only through the support of faithful partners and friends like you that they have been enabled to spread this message throughout the nations.

Today, YHVH is calling each of His children to take a stand in His end-time army for Truth, Humility and Righteousness and for the cause of Zion. In order to raise up an Army of Truth it is necessary to TEACH TRUTH where ERROR has been the norm. This is the vision of GRM Bible School: to raise up leaders across the nations who will take a stand and spearhead this movement of Truth, Humility and Righteousnesswherever they are, and who ‘for Zion’s sake will not remain silent.’ Isa 62:1.

Please consider how YOU can support this very urgent vision through your financial giving and prayers.

"I will bless him that blesses you and will curse him that lightly esteems you." Genesis 12:3 paraphrased from the Hebrew 

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For 1600 years the Church has been persecuting, hating, rejecting and killing Jews, thus releasing the curse instead of the Blessing. You are invited to REVERSE all that through faithful partnership with Kad-Esh MAP Ministries!  


Your right plugging into us will not only bless your life and save your family but will begin to release Light and Power into your dark and deserted region. Because of you, your nation can be blessed and saved! 

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We invite you to support the vision of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries through regular or one-off donations  

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Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this world-changing work!


2. Sponsor a Student

Many GRM students are potential leaders in their region. However, not all enjoy the material blessings that many of us take for granted and come from areas in the world were electricity and internet access are not reliable. We recognise the need to financially support those who could not otherwise take the GRM Bible School and invite you to help them and their region through partial or full Bible School sponsorship. Please see the following options: 


Student Sponsorship options:



If the sponsorship option which you would like to choose is not included in the list above, please email us about it directly at