Ship to Home


Ship to My Home  


Buy the GRM DVDS and books and have them shipped to wherever you are. 


Price from $880 including shipping


USA Only: $870 including shipping with the option to download the eBooks.


Registration and Payment



This is the original way to study GRM. Put in your order and our offices will ship you hard copies of all the DVDs and books (if purchased as part of the course) required in order to complete GRM Bible School from the comfort of your home.  


To complete your course, you will submit your Bible School assignments via email to our well-qualified Bible School Pastors where your assignments will be marked and sent back to you by email.  

This option includes a bonus automatic on-line access at no extra cost.

System Requirements: 


Email access to send and receive assignments.  


For further information about the subjects covered in GRM Bible School, click here.